Selection Spotlight: Tips for Your First Design Appointment

Congratulations!! You’ve officially signed for the purchase of your brand new Infinity Custom Home. So… what comes next? You guessed correctly! Time to start selecting each unique piece of your home from tile to trim. Luckily, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. You are assigned a very talented and dedicated Selection Coordinator to walk you through the process. If you’re still feeling a little nervous, fear not. One of our very own Selection Coordinators, Marcy, has given us some great advice to share with you on how to prepare for your first design appointments–making the whole process enjoyable and stress-free for everyone!

First Steps

Marcy’s first tip is to follow the guidelines that you will receive in your intro-to-selections email, and check out MY HOME. MY HOME is our online design center and a great place to input potential selections prior to your first meeting. Marcy also recommends taking a few moments to think about your exterior color scheme before you even sit for your first appointment. The first design meeting you have will be focused on the exterior of your home, so consider all the different options available to you and come up with a few different combinations of siding, stone, brick, front doors, shingles, etc. You can even take a field trip through your new community to see what the other homes around you will look like. That will give you some inspiration, as well as ensure that your home has its own personal charm. Always feel free to stop by at our Inspirations Design Gallery to refresh on all the different choices available to you. It can be very helpful to physically see the samples in person.


While that hashtag was mostly just me being cute, it’s seriously worth checking out. You will save so much time and indecision by logging onto Pinterest or scrolling through Instagram to find out what you love and what you may not like! Marcy recommends figuring out your cabinetry/countertop color scheme early on, because that will dictate a lot of other features added into your kitchen design as you move forward.

Don’t forget that MY HOME is a great place to organize your thoughts when it comes to fixtures, hardware and more!

Tour the Models…Again!

Chances are you spent a fair amount of time in one or ALL of our models during the decision-making process when you were deciding whether or not to build. You’re in luck, because they’re all open 7 days a week and somehow never lose their charm! 😉 Don’t hesitate to pop by any time to check out the distinct styles and finishes within each one. We are always happy to have visitors and see familiar faces as you progress through the selection process.

“Sweat” the Small Stuff

I know that’s not what they usually tell you, but some things are really all in the details! Don’t forget to think about where you might like extra outlets, shelving, lighting or other things of that nature. It’s always good to make a list beforehand, so there’s nothing to worry about later on.

Photo Evidence

Aside from looking through images independently, don’t be afraid to bring in examples of what you like! Our team is here to help you craft your dream home–a mission we take very seriously. If you see something you absolutely love, we’d be so delighted to help create that vision for you in your own home.


This is truly the most important step. Marcy, along with the rest of the Selection Team, is so passionate about her job. Our whole team feels excited and happy when YOU are. So sit back, relax, and start selecting!


DIY Friday: Succulent Terrarium

Hello and welcome to our first DIY Friday post! If you’ve been in the Pittsburgh area lately (or ever) you’ve noticed that the weather this time of year can be a bit gloomy. The good news is there are only 33 days left till Spring! But if you’ve already forgotten what sunshine looks like and you need a pick-me-up… this fun, fresh and easy craft will make your room, office, etc. feel like Spring has already arrived! And you’ll also look super trendy, because succulents are IN.


Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Vase or jar (any size) with large opening
  • Small stones, pebbles, or gravel for drainage
  • Soil, preferably cactus mix, as it retains little moisture
  • Succulent plants of your choice
  • Sand (Pro-Tip: Pet stores have huge varieties of colorful, nature-safe sand!)
  • Ornamental decorations of your choice! Make this terrarium your own!

How to Assemble:

  1. Prepare a vase or medium sized jar with a larger opening at the top.
  2. Carefully place small stones at the bottom of the jar.
  3. Pour a thick layer of soil, enough so that your succulents can take root.
  4. Move the plant from the pot and into your vessel. Gently press so that it settles nicely.
  5. Continue transplanting your succulents into whatever arrangement you’d like. Succulents come in dozens of sizes, shapes and colors, so get creative!
  6. When you have transplanted all the plants cover the surface with a thin layer of white sand.
  7. Add decorative stones or ornaments for the final step, and then your terrarium is complete!

Terrarium Maintenance:

Luckily, succulents are relatively easy to care for. Just make sure they are in spot where they get 5-6 hours of sunlight a day. Succulents are desert plants, and therefore only need to be watered every two weeks. You don’t need a lot of water either–only enough that there should be less than 1-inch accumulated at the bottom of your vessel. You can also fertilize your terrarium once a year in the summer months. Follow these steps, and you’ll be feeling like its Spring all year round!

10 Bars & Basements Perfect for the Big Game

With the Superbowl fast-approaching, every football fan across the nation will be stocking up on snacks and drinks to prepare for the big game! But what’s Superbowl Sunday without the perfect place to sit back, relax (or not), and cheer on the team of your choice?? These photos of bars and basements will give you major man-cave envy, and maybe even some inspo to design your own for next year!


This stone bar is the stuff of dreams!


How about this sweet little oasis off the living room? Perfect location, so you won’t miss a single play!


Talk about everyone’s football-veiwing fantasy!!


Technically not a bar, but are you telling me you wouldn’t LOVE this beauty to call your own?


This space is so clean and fresh. How great would your nachos & guac look on that countertop?


Warm enough where you live to watch the game outside? Lucky you! These next 2 will be sure to inspire.


These details speak for themselves, honestly.


Check out this roomy bar with plenty of space for all your favorites!


Who knew cool colors could make you feel so warm and cozy!


You could cook up an entire feast in this beauty! (Even if your guests only want pizza & wings)


Enjoy the game!

New Year’s Mini-Makeover

Easy DIY Projects That’ll Have Your House On-Trend for 2018

Ahhh, New Years—it’s that time once again to start with a clean slate and set some new goals to meet in the coming year. Wouldn’t an awesome resolution be to finally finish those lingering home improvement projects? Wouldn’t another great one be to just become Joanna Gaines? Well, we can’t quite promise the second one will happen…but we can offer some neat home-makeover-hacks that will freshen up your space AND won’t break the bank!


Kitchen Fixes

Talk about kitchen-envy in the photo above!! If you’re not ready to start from scratch for a complete kitchen overhaul—fear not. There are a few easy ways to make an outdated kitchen feel modern and trendy.


The Bold Backsplash

If you’re an entertainer whose kitchen is their sanctuary, you know it’s tough to look at (and clean) dull, bare walls. The look of the light and modern backsplash above is easier to achieve than you might think! For a fresh look on your kitchen walls, try strategically placing some peel-and stick subway tiles, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy being in your kitchen again! Find some here!

If you are REALLY trendy, you can also try it with vinyl “shiplap”!


Current Cabinets

Nothing has the power to drag down a fab kitchen like cabinets that are faded or have outdated hardware. Luckily there are a couple ways to spruce those babies up without completely tearing them out. A simple fix like changing out old knobs and handles for new ones can add a whole new vibe. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on new hardware, soaking builder’s-grade knobs and pulls in brass ager will give you a chic finish on a budget!

If it’s the wood’s stain that’s a problem, try using bead-board or bead-board wallpaper on cabinet surfaces for a cool textured look. A true kitchen-lover knows that in cooking and decoration, it’s all in the details.


In the Bathroom

If we’re being honest, people have quite some time to look around when they’re in there! Here are some suggestions to take your bathroom from drab to fab!


Charming Chair Rail

If you’re lucky enough to have this, or even if you have to install it, chair rail molding is a great tool to enhance the comfort of a smaller bathroom space. Try adding a pop of color or texture by wallpapering under the molding. The accent to a plain wall above will give character and dimension to a powder room, water closet, outhouse, you name it!


Funky Fixtures

We can’t all lead lives straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog, so for those of us who have tarnished fixtures from years of living in a humid space, metallic spray paint is our saving grace. Spray a little of this on your most hopeless fixtures, and voila! Prepare to be amazed by this simple upgrade. Just make sure you crack a window!


Miscellaneous Hacks

DIY Custom Closet

Getting major inspiration from this beauty above?? Try securing an inexpensive book shelf or storage unit into your existing closet for that customized feel. Look for shelving that has a fun finish on it, or one that matches your current style, to really make it your own. Shelving of varied sizes will also help you stay organized and keep each special addition to your wardrobe in its very own home!


Revamp Your Vents

Like we said before…it’s all in the details! This one may seem insignificant, but if your AC unit intake is an eyesore in your opinion, you can find ornate aluminum sheeting options at your local hardware store to spice it up and make everything in your home look pretty and purposeful!


Best of luck with your DIY projects this coming year! Drop a comment below and let us know some tricks you’ve used around your home, or ones you’d like to learn more about.