Realtor Rewards

Infinity Custom Homes appreciates and values the realtors that have introduced our product to their clients. We recognize that your trust and confidence in us is one of our most valuable assets. We know you are the real estate experts.

It is our goal to continue to foster this relationship through:

  • E-mails featuring product, saleable facts and grand openings
  • Continuous reminders of homes that have immediate availability
  • Special Events specifically for realtors
  • Incentives for multiple showings and closings
  • Expert care of the clients during the construction process

If you are a broker or agency that would like to register a potential client with Infinity Custom Homes, please fill out the 30-Day Realtor Registration Form.



Krissy Rackley – Re/Max Realtor

My experience with Infinity Homes as a Realtor having clients building their dream home has been exceptional. The quality and their craftsmanship definitely places them as the top choice in Pittsburgh. The attention to detail surpassed every expectation that my buyers had and the knowledge of everyone involved was impressive. Angela and Scott were very flexible and they truly listened to what my clients wanted. Their personalized service made us feel like we were family and not just a project for them.

John Perry – Coldwell Banker Realtor

I wanted to take a minute and just say how nice it has been to work with the professionals at Infinity homes. I say professionals because the team at Infinity operate at such a high level to meet the needs of the clients and partner realtors they are working with that it makes the process go so smoothly. They were open and honest and have been very good at communicating clear expectations. I am excited to see the process through with them and am very much looking forward to finding other clients who would be lucky enough to get to build and live in a great Infinity home.